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How to Increase Your Job Satisfaction

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You'd be wondering why this topic?, why do I have to be the best at a job I already don't like?, why not just quit the moment I dislike it?. These questions are not out of line. The reason is that a survey carried out few years back has disclosed that more than half of employees don't like their jobs. However since that's what we have to do at the moment, my guess is that we have to be our best in it. So I'd want to discuss that period between when we get a job we'll have full satisfaction in and while we are doing what we currently do.

It is really difficult putting up with dissatisfaction and so it is very easy to detect when a person don't like their job anymore. They begin to do it haphazardly, shift it to other people, exert their frustration and anger with the job on innocent coworkers, make excuses for not getting things done and seize to take responsibility for any error coming from their work among other things.

However, I've been able to see that while it may not be so easy to discard your job easily and replace it with another one, its wise counsel to be your best and do your best in whatever vocation you find yourself in. Except where you decide to be self employed. Some of the things you can do to improve your work place happiness include;

1) Act right regardless of who is watching:

We all have bosses, some nice, some not so nice and still others not nice at all. Same with our colleagues. However, for a Christian, the bible tells us to do things as though we are rendering the service to God (Col 3:23) and not to any man. I believe this advice stems from an understanding that we may not be commensurately appreciated for the efforts we put in and also from knowing that when we have in mind to please man, we may just be offering an eye service to them.

2)Never stop learning:

You can be your best at a job you dislike when you start seeing it as an opportunity to learn new things and add to your knowledge. Your dislike for this job can be because it entails things different from what you're familiar with or your perception of how it treats you. However, being confident in yourself and knowing that you can always make a meaningful contribution can be of great help. There are numerous instances where you see people study something else and end up working in an entirely different industry. It all stems from developing their interest and this is done through learning.

There are also situations where people attain high positions not by virtue of their educational and professional qualifications but because of a skill they acquired along their career path. You can also invest in something that can help you do better and doing things the way that appeals to you as long the ultimate goal is achieved.

3) Always be empathic:

This is a very important aspect of being your best. As long as your work has to do with a relationship or communication with other people, you have to be empathic.

Empathy deals with putting your customer or client in your place. Until you assume your customers place in a business transaction, till you realize you or your relative can be in their position requesting for a service or seeking assistance, you will not offer your best service as you would desire to be attended to. Empathy helps you build excellence in almost if not all you do in life.

4) Build connection:

Relationships with people have a huge part to play in our daily work. If I ask how many people are enjoying the friendships they've built at their workplace, more than the work itself? A good number of you would indicate. So while you're doing that job you feel so terrible about, build your connections with colleagues, clients, customers and other people you come across on a daily basis. This is important because nobody's life starts and ends in a particular workplace. People move around and you can meet them anywhere, so build friendships with them. More so, friendships help you focus on days you feel frustrated. Research has also shown that 80% of employments done in the 21st century is based on referrals and recommendations.

5) Make use of every opportunity that presents itself:

As you are currently doing your work, make use of the opportunities that come your way. Some opportunities maybe out of your line but if you have a room to make a contribution, utilize it. Partake in that seminar or conference or even a meeting. Don't decline such offers especially if you're not too occupied to partake. Some of these opportunities maybe avenues and links to get you where you have always desired to get to.

6) Look out for greater and more satisfying opportunities:

Now being your best at a job you're not satisfied with is not a way to get you to relax and let go of your dream job or a more pleasing position. Therefore while you're being your best at your current job, look out for the post that match your desire. At this time, your experience is improved and you have acquired skills you can confidently add to boost your resume. Never assume that because you didn't enjoy a function, the experience becomes a wasted time. There are certain experiences we have that either help us get other appointments or aid us in doing our job better. So no experience or skill is a waste of time.

Conclusively, do your work like its a requirement for the next job opportunity you will get. Also, do not let go of your career dreams and goals. Aspire to be the best at the peak of your endeavor.

If there are more points you would want to add, please feel free to share your thoughts in the comment section.

Posted in Careers by Irene Ekwebelem

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