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International Women’s Day: Protect Yourself, Gift Yourself Insurance

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A woman plays multiple roles in her life. She can be a mother, a daughter, a sister, or a wife. Be it any role she plays, she leaves a strong presence in the lives of the people around her. Someone has rightly said, "You cannot knock a woman off a pedestal she built for herself". This is how strong the presence of a woman is when she decides to live her dreams. 

International Women’s Day is a special day celebrated globally on March 8 every year to mark the essence of women’s empowerment and to celebrate the progress made on gender equality.

If you want to know about the essence of Women’s Day, let us take you through some details. Know how you can make this Women’s Day a memorable one for yourself or for the woman in your life.


The idea of celebrating Women's day dates back to more than 100 years when it was first celebrated in New York in 1909.

After nearly 68 years, the United Nations declared Women’s Day on 8th March, and today we celebrate it globally every year to appreciate and cherish the achievements of women who have excelled in every field, be it technology, sports, fashion, aerospace, politics, film-making, or management.


An ideal gift for women conjures up an image of a huge flower bouquet, a box of chocolates, or a cuddly soft-toy. But it's high time to break the stereotype! Yes, women love flowers, chocolates, or life-sized teddy bears, but women also appreciate a gift that adds actual value to their lives. The most useful gift to give woman is a comprehensive health insurance policy for women since health is always in the backseat for many of them, mainly due to how expensive medical treatment can be these days. A typical ageing African mother would bear knee-pain but won’t agree to pay a visit to an Orthopaedic, thinking that specialists are expensive. A young wife will suffer during her menstrual cycle but avoid a visit to a gynaecologist from the fear of facing a fictional bigger problem. With health insurance, you can convince women in your household to avail the required treatment in time.


Women may need more health insurance coverage as compared to men, simply because they are vulnerable to health issues. The mere fact that women give birth to babies, makes them susceptible to medical conditions that require prolonged treatment. Here is a list of coverage:

Critical Illness Cover: Coverage for different types of cancer, for example, ovarian cancer, breast cancer, cervical cancer, etc., and other critical health issues. Maternity Coverage: Should include coverage for both types of childbirth - Normal and C-section delivery.

Coverage for Heart and Blood Pressure-related ailments: These medical issues become significant when a woman reaches menopause. Ensure that a health insurance plan has related coverage.

Domiciliary Expenses Coverage: These are expenses related to medical treatment availed at home.

Post-Hospitalization Expenses: Sometimes, surgery may require follow-up treatment that can prove to be costly if out-of-pocket expenses are involved. Corresponding Health insurance coverage will reduce the chances of a financial loss.


As the saying goes, health is wealth, and the right to good health is something that everyone deserves. However, these days amidst all the hustle and bustle of life, the only thing that we see getting neglected is the health of people.

This is especially true in case of women, who are more likely to ignore their health for different reasons. Not only that, but women are also not regular when it comes to getting health check-ups. And with so many kinds of severe illnesses that surrounds a woman, including critical diseases like heart disorder, different kinds of cancer, gynecological disorders, pregnancy related disorders, and many more, it is very important for her to have a good health insurance plan.

A good health insurance plan can be life-saving in situations where medical attention is required but cannot be availed due to a financial crisis.

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